Friday, September 4, 2009

Vision Series | More Info

Everyone needs to purchase a copy of the Tangible Kingdom for our new vision series coming up at the end of September.

There are 3 ways to purchase the Primers (They are $10):

1. With a credit card: You can do this online ( ) and then pick them up at the Resource Center in the Foyer on Sunday

2. Cash or Check: they can purchase them at the Resource Center on Sundays with cash or check.

3. Scholarship: You can get a scholarship for a copy of the TK Primer as well by using this link -

Meet Your Hosts

"By Grace Alone, Through Faith Alone, Apart From Works, on the Basis of Christ’s Work, Alone to the glory of God Alone!"


 "I am a chef and love every minute of it! I love Jesus, my family, traveling, warm weather and spending time with friends. I hate dishes, cold weather, living so far from my family and checking voice mail"

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